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We Build कमाऊ

We build money-spinning developer signifies a proactive approach towards development and innovation, emphasizing creativity, profitability, and entrepreneurship in technology and software solutions. Our mission is to empower developers to unleash their potential, driving impactful solutions and pioneering advancements in the IT industry.




About Us

Rays Technologies

Rays Technologies is premium Corporate Training and Placement company. It is providing training on cutting-edge technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Spring, Angular, React, Java, Python, Automated Testing, etc. After IIT and NIT, Rays is one of the leading institute in India from where IT Engineers are getting highest packages in multinational companies.

Rays Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Company. It was established in 2006 and is active in multiple cities in India. We started our company with ‘SUNRAYS’ brand name that was later renamed RAYS Technologies in 2015. We primarily deal in Information Technology Services, Staffing Solutions, Corporate Training, and Career Consultancy. We aim at providing highly trained cutting-edge IT professionals to the IT Industry.


Sunil Sahu Founder

Our Guiding Principles

Vision, Mission and Values


We want to make SKILL India and Employable Youth.


We train professionals and students on cutting-edge modern technologies. .


Our values are Technology , Soft Skill and Working Etiquette.

Academic associates

Fostering Educational Partnerships

Ready To Get Unlock Your Potential.

"Embark on a transformative journey with our software coaching section. Gain expertise in cutting-edge technologies and elevate your skills to succeed in the dynamic world of software development."

Software Mastery App Design & Website Management



Embracing the Power of Linux

"As cybersecurity concerns rise, Linux's security features, customization options, and stability make it a preferred choice. Its open-source nature fosters innovation, driving its increasing popularity in diverse industries."

** We are proud to announce that we are a pure Linux working institute. We have 100% Linux workstations.


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The purpose of this Website is to help Computer Science students to learn and get practical examples of Java Programming Language and its Open Source frameworks.

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