Eclipse ( IDE )

JAVA Editor – Eclipse

Eclipse is a Java-based open-source integrated development environment (IDE) to develop Java applications. It allows software developers to customize the development environment by using plug-in components built by Eclipse community members.

Eclipse started in 2001 when IBM donated three million lines of code from its Java tools. The original goal of Eclipse was to create and foster an open-source IDE community. Eclipse is managed and directed by the Consortium. Eclipse is released under the terms of the Eclipse Public License.

Installation and Configuration

  • Unzip downloaded into C:\java\ folder. It will create directory c:\java\eclipse.

  • To start editor, go to c:\eclipse folder and double click on eclipse.exe

  • Eclipse will pop-up a window and will ask for a workspace. Workspace is the folder where your projects and their source files are created and stored.

  • Eclipse will be started and show Welcome screen

  • Close the Welcome page and start working on Eclipse by creating a new project..