First Java Program by Eclipse

Step#1: Select File->New->Project option from Menu

Step#2: Select ‘Java Project’ from the list and click Next button.

Step#3: Enter your project name and select radio button 'create separate source and output folders' and click on Next button.

Now the project will appear in package explorer of Eclipse.

Step#4: Now create your first java file using right click at src then select new->class

Step#5: Enter class name ‘HelloJava’ and select check box ‘public static void main (String[] args)' and click on finish button.

Step#6: Now put System.out.println("Hello Java"); statement inside main block and save program by Ctl-S

Step#7: Now run your program by right click on file then select Run As -> Java Application from the menu.

Step#8: See output at Console Panel.