Functional Requirements

Resource Management

  • Customer search for the resources & post the requirements. As per the customer's requirement if the service is available then system will appoint the service provider, generate the amount & send a message regarding the same to the customer & the service provider but if the system will not fulfill the requirement of the user then a message regarding that send to the user.  

Area Management

  • Customer requested service will be assigned to the service provider staying in the same area. Service provider of different area will be given priority if she/he has not received any work for long.
  • If the customer requested service for the maid and the requested days are more than the max available time then service can be diverted to 2 or more maids according to availability.

Payment Management

  • Customer can do the advance payment to the service provider via the online payment mode. 

Feedback Management

  • Customer can enter his feedback about Service Provider if any. Admin can see the feedback.

Report Management

  • Service provider can see the feedback provided by the customer.

User Management

  • Admin/Customer/Service Provider can login in the application.
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