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Resource Allocation For Social Service


It is a web based system based on some scheduling algorithms. It is a user friendly web system where users can ask for a household maintenance service provider and request for some utility services. In our day-to-day life we need different services for our house- equipment’s as well as for maintenance of our house. Now a days it is very difficult to search for such a technician. And if we are lucky enough that if we could find such a technician by reference of a shopkeeper or a middleman, the person will charge a large amount for a very small task as he/she has to give commission to that middleman. 

So reduce headache of a house-wife or a house-head, we will develop this system that will help them to get rid of the middleman. The system will get feedback from the customers and accordingly rate the service provider. The system will use an algorithm to check for the free service provider. It will use another algorithm to check that there is no starvation problem.The system will manage entire database of different service providers. The requested service will be assigned to the person staying in the same area. Service provider of different area will be given priority, if she/he has not received any work for long. If the requested service is more than the max available time then service can be diverted to 2 or more maids according to availability. 

Project Development Life-cycle 

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