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Functional Requirements

Patient Management

  • Patient information and his/her area information will be registered. It is mandatory to Patient  to provide his residential area during registration. When Patient will go online for health advice, application will prioritize his area's Doctors. If no Doctor is available in his area then system will suggest near by Doctors.
  • Patient can update his Profile after registration.
  • Patients can see registered doctors list who are online at that moment.
  • Patients can also take advice from a doctor for a specific disease . 

Doctor Management

  • Doctor information and his/her area information will be registered. It is mandatory to Doctor to provide his residential area during registration. Registered doctors list cab be seen by Patients .
  • Doctor can give advice & health tips to the patient about their disease and also consult him for a specific doctor if required.


  • Patients can take online appointment for a specific doctor.For the appointment patient has to fill up a form, in the form the time of appointment for a specific doctor will be mentioned,  Appointments will be given only if Doctor is free during that time.  
  • After submitting the form final report will be generated in which information about the clinic name , patient name , appointment time etc will be included. Patient can print this report as well as report will be mailed to patient's registered mail address.

Request Management

  • Patient can put online request for text chat to the Doctor.  Patient can communicate with doctor via live chat or video chat regarding their health problems & also get the health tips. 

Feedback Management

  • A patient can enter his feedback about Doctor if any. Admin can see the list of feedback.

Health Tips

  • Patient can select his/her disease, and get the health tips entered by expert doctors.

User Management

  • Admin/Patient/Doctor can login in the application.
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