Visitor has permission to 

  • See Hot-News

  • See Missing Person Details
  • See Wanted Person Details
  • Read the FAQs before registration.

Registered Users

User has permission to
  • Add Complaint.
  • Add Crime report.
  • Add & See Missing person details.
  • See Most wanted persons.
  • Edit Complaint.
  • Edit Account.
  • See complaint status.
  • See crime status.
  • Add and See feedback.
  • Send mail to Admin.


Administrator has permission to 
  • See Users
  • Block Users.
  • Add new admin user.
  • See user complaints.
  • See crimes & reply.
  • See and delete user’s feedback.
  • Add, delete and view most wanted persons.
  • Add, delete and view missing persons.
  • Add and view Criminal registration.
  • Add and view FIR.
  • View and delete all complaint's reply.
  • Add and view prisoner report.
  • Change password.
  • Send mail to user.