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Android Studio

  • Download latest version of Android Studio from website https://developer.android.com/studio/index.html and install it from executable file.
  • Now you will get a welcome window of Android Studio Setup. To start installation click on Next button.

  • Now select all the components then click on Next button.

  • Now agree the license agreement and select the Android Studio installation location then click on Next button.

  • Now click on install --> next --> finish button.

  • After finish the setup, now select the radio button "I do not have previous version of Android Studio...." then click Ok button.

  • Now click on Next button on Android Studio Setup Wizard.

  • Now select standard type and click on Next button.

  • Now on Verify Setting window click on Finish button.

  • Now on downloading component window click on Finish button and complete the installation.

  • Congratulation !!! You can start your new application now.