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  • After installation of Android and set up of SDK , now we are ready to create first android application.
  • For creating simple Android application select "Start a new Android Studio Project" in Android Studio Setup wizard.

  • Now configure name of your application and company domain of your application.

  • Now select your target device (Phone and Tablet or Wear) with Minimum SDK and click "Next" button

  • Now select an Activity , here we select Empty Activity.

  • Now name activity , here we give "Main Activity" , select checkbox Generate Layout File, now name the layout "activity_main" then click on finish button.

  • Now you will see "activity_main.xml" it is design part of your application and "MainActivity.java" it is coding part of your application.

  • Now create Emulator to execute application , for that click on "Run" button then click on "Create New Virtual Device" button.

  • Now select the category (like Phone / Tablet) and their layout like Nexus 5X then click next button.

  • Now select image like "Marshmallow" then click on next button.

  • Now name the Android Virtual Device then click on finish button.

  • Select available virtual device then click on OK button.

  • Now you will get your own Virtual Mobile Device.

  • Now run your application in Android Studio.

  • Now select Deployment Target “Nexus 5X API 23” then click on "OK" button.

  • Congratulations !! Your App is now ready and running on Virtual Device.

  • You can also see your app in your mobile.