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Corporate Java Java, JSP/Servlet, Hibernate, Spring, SpringBoot, Angular 
Advance Python Networking, Email Handling, Database Connectivity, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Web (CGI) Programming, Web Server Integration, Session Management, Web Application Deployment and, Make Application Live 
Corporate Cloud Java, Angular, Node JS 
Corporate Python Python, DJango, Anaconda, Panda, Kida, SciPy, ML, DS 
Core Python Basics, Variables and Operators, Control Statements, Arrays, Collection, OOP, Exception Handling, Function and Modules, File IO, Concurrency and Threads, Python GUI - Tkinter 
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Major/Minor Project

Students get their first systematic 
Live Application Development exposure with the help of Major/Minor Project and submit this project to their Colleges as part of their essential academic activity.

Students are guided to prepare Project Report, Power Point Presentation and other project documents by our Experts. more >>

Mission Vision Values

Mission is to train professionals and students on cutting-edge modern technologies.
Make SKILL India and Employable Youth
Technology | Soft Skill |Working Etiquette


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